Saturday, April 25, 2009

Questions Answered

ok so heres the answers to all your questions...

Do you think aaron is into guys 2?
youll have to wait and see.  hehe

Ever jerked to yourself?
haha there was one time i imagined i had cloned myself and i fucked me.  haha.  i jacked it a few times to that.

Would you let me kidnap you and take you to mexico?

put the next part of aaron up.
not a question, but i promise i will tomorrow =)

Favorite type of porn?
twinks.  anything with twinks.

what is the meaning of life?
to fuck as many boys as possible...........and to be happy........

Do you think your the cutest of all your friends?
hmmmm maybe a tie between me and aaron.  im a little bit cuter....

fav food?
hmmm tricky question.  chinese food?  hmmm shrimp is good too.  i have lots  =)

Fav color?
my favorite color is red.  i love it.  orgasm.  

Favorite tv shows?
i love breaking bad.  seinfeld is good too.  ummmmm 30 rock too.

Which hand do you wank with?
my right one.  always.

Weirdest position you've wanked in?
i dont normally get into weird positions, but sometimes ill lay on my back and put ly legs in the air and cum in my mouth =) hehe

Most times you've wanked in a day?
6.  it was a blast

How long is your hair?
hmmm long i guess.  it just covers my ears and comes a bit past my eyes.  it looks hot right now.  mirrorboy u know how it looks =)

Can i touch it and play with it?
mirrorboy, u can touch and play with anything u like =)

How long is your dick?
id say about 7 inches.  give or take......

Can i touch it and play with it?
like i said before ;)

3 things you like least about you?
hmmm well i have a short temper, im single, and i can be irrational

Favorite 3 things about you?
my hair, my personality, and my taste in boys =)

Whose your favorite boy in australia?
easy, mirrorboy

ok so there ya go.    answering questions is fun.  i hope u enjoy.
so tomorrow, ill post another aaron post.  we shared a milkshake the other day.  it felt really nice.

o well.  until next time.


  1. Q2 - lol i think we all would cum many times to that. :)

    Q6 - insatiable much. lol. I need just one, but you're a machine. ;)

    Q7 - Well duhh. Of course you are.

    Q9 - I love red. :D

    Q10 - I love Seinfeld, and I LOVE 30 Rock!

    Q12 - You get Cutie's cum. Lucky boy. ;)

    Q14 - Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyy! :)

    Q16 - OMG you're huge! *drool

    Q18 - I could think of nothing.

    Q19 - I could think of a million things... as i'm sure you could too. ;)

    Q20 - Nawwwwwww. :D

    loves u

  2. XD naughty

    I, unfortunately, have really short hair... I get a haircut every couple weeks (sorry m-boy :P)