Thursday, April 16, 2009


im sorry guys but ive been busy with a lot of shit lately.  Been with Aaron a lot =)  But i pinky promise that I will post a new History of Aaron installment in the morning.  I PROMISE!!!!!  So yea not a whole lot to say.  Mirrorboy is never on msn anymore and we havent talked in weeks.  Not to pleased about that.  ugh idk.  im tired.  this post is pointless.  i need sleep.

i miss you mirrorboy, and i wonder if u even missed me at all.



  1. Cutie... :(

    Don't be silly. Of course i missed you! We is buddies!

    Im just taking a break from being online. Ive got some of my own online-relationship issues to deal with. Someone i love deeply may hate me after what i said to them so im just taking some time away cos it hurts. :/

    We'll talk soon. I do love you.


  2. Don't worry about it sweetie, we all understand.

  3. Dan

    good to hear you have been busy. we all miss mboy

    take care and be safe