Sunday, April 12, 2009

History of Aaron #1: Meeting Aaron

So like I said, here is the first installment of my 6 part series, History of Aaron.

Part #1: Meeting Aaron  

So it was the first day of Highschool.  I was a freshmen and I was ready to rock and roll.  So in my first hour i had a few friends already in there, and we all sat together in a corner.  So in front of us were these two kids.  We recognized one of them, John, from football practice but we had no idea who the other kid was.  So John introduced us to him.  It was none other than Aaron.  And to be completely honest, me and my friends really didnt like him at all.  He was weird, quiet, and just...idk...strange.  So like the ass hole we were, we kinda made fun of him a little.  Just a bit of teasing.  Some gay jokes were thrown out, and im not proud of that, but it happened.

So yeah, thats part one.  Kinda short sure, but that builds the anticipation :)
So ill try to do a history lesson everyday, but i cant make any promises.


  1. Dan

    i love history, been ther on some of those jokes and i am still trying to make up for it in my mind, being a jock and gay is tough i know

    and it is like the heinz ketchup commercial the anticipation, maybe you are to young fo rthat commercial come to think of it lol

    but i can not wait to hear more of aaron

    take care and be safe


  2. Ooooh i cant wait for more! :)

  3. hey man,
    just ran across ur blog. you've got a good thing goin here, so keep it up.
    i'm gonna put a link on my blog to urs if that's cool w/ u....

    I'm also a gay guy who fell for a close friend. we are both on a sports team at my university and we got pretty close.

    I find it strange that the fake name you chose for your friend who turned into big crush is the same that i chose on my blog... imo aaron's a sexy name... i wish my name was aaron...

    anyways. I've also fallen hard for a guy who i didn't like that much at first (thought he was a tool actually). But after a good chunk of time and a lot of interaction with him i started to really care for him... in more than a just friends way. it just happened, don't know why.
    if you wanna know the story check out my blog.

    looking forward to ur next post,


  4. dan!

    hey! nice blog... there's sth about it that caught my attention...

    it's pbb the name... dan... such a sexy name ;D


  5. So much for everyday... haha. I juss kee-ding. But seriously, you're on spring break, what better do you have to do?