Saturday, April 11, 2009

IM BACK!!!!!

im back!!  But i never really left so whatevs.  so there has been some on going drama in my personal life (cough aaron cough) and in order for me to post about it, i need to fill you all in on whats happened between us.  So starting tomorrow, or the next day, im gonna start posting on the history on me and aaron!!!  yay!!!! get hype.  so then once u all know the history, the current problem will make more sense.  i mean its not really a problem, just like, shit i think you should all know.  Not really tho.  I mean the point of this blog is to share my life, so i guess thats why im telling you guys.  Yea ok.  wow that makes no sense.  I might be high right now.  wtf, am i high?  whatevs.  

ps. im pretty sure mirrorboy hates me.  Im sorry mirrorboy.


  1. join the club. im pretty sure he hates me right now too

  2. dan

    aaron have you mentioned him :P

    I hope all is well and we hav e talked about this being high :)

    take care and be safe


    PS guys mirrorboy, i do not think is ca[able of hating either one of yuo?

  3. Drama? Did you give Aaron whooping cough?

    I can't imagine Mirrorboy hates anyone.

  4. Mirrorboy's nice. I don't wanna say the same thing as everyone else, but I can't imagine him hating anyone either.