Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ask me anything!!!!

So im bored, and i like answering questions, so i figured why not let all you people out there ask me any question they want.  Thats right, any question they want me to answer.  And ill answer it with 100% honesty.  

So fire away!

haha im excited.  


  1. u think aaron is into guys 2? or not......

  2. Ever jerked off to yourself? ...Or rather the question should be, how many times have you jerked off to yourself? :D

    Cutie :)


  3. Will you let me kidnap you and take you to Mexico?

  4. dan

    i will email you some questions but you can see what mboy thinks of with his free time lol

    take care and be safe


  5. What is the meaning of life?

  6. Hi Dan,

    No q's from me. Sorry, but that would just be sooo wrong. Lol! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for linking. I've linked back and I'm now a follower too. Yay!! :)

    I'll get up-to-date with your posts over the weekend. Have a great one (weekend, that is)!

    Take care,

  7. Do you think you're the cutest person out of all your friends?

    Fav food?

    Fav colour?

    Fav TV shows?

    Which hand do you wank with? :P

    Weirdest position you've wanked in?

    Most times you've cum in a single day? :D

    How long is your hair?

    Can i touch it and play with it?
    (your hair, of course) ;)

    How long is your dick? :P

    Can i touch it and play with it?

    3 things you like the least about you.
    (anything from body to personality and stuff)

    Favourite 3 things about you.

    Who's your favourite boy in Australia?

    That is all. :)