Wednesday, April 29, 2009

History of Aaron #4: Telling Aaron

its pretty clear to me from all the comments that nobody really knows whats going on between me and aaron.  so i feel like i should post a new history thing.  So here goes.

History of Aaron #4: Telling Aaron

I was in my english class, daydreaming about Aaron.  I needed to tell him.  I was so sure he felt the same way about me.  So, I wrote him a letter.  Just explaining how i felt.  So i asked him to come over after school like always, and he said yes.  So we got to my house, and went down to my room.  I told him Id be right back, and i ran upstairs and grabbed the letter.  I got back, and gave it to him, and then laid face down on my bed.  He read it was was like "really?"  and i was like "yes"  so he didnt say anything for a minute, then he was like "Im sorry, but i dont feel the same way about you right now."  I was like fuck, my plan back fired.  So i apologized, and he came over and gave me a hug and said "dont worry, i still love you". Then we played xbox.  I was upset the rest of the day tho.

ok thats it.  Sorry if its not well written, it was tough to write.  
So for those who didnt know, we arnt boyfriends and we never were.

ok, i need to go do........something.  not sure what.  my mind is being dumb.


  1. Sorry your plan backfired Dan! Knowing he doesn't feel the same way doesn't make you stop loving him though. Does it!

    Btw, you've now answered the last part of the comment I just left on your previous post (I think?)

    Take care,

  2. Awww I hate that part of the story too.

  3. Dan

    its always hard to get news you do not want and especially hard from someone you love. If this is to touhg to share Dan then keep it in for awhile

    take care and be safe


  4. it hurts, and the only way to make it stop is time., but your friendship can last your lifetime, no matter where it takes the two of you.

  5. Aww honey.

    You've got some big balls to do that!

    It didn't work out great, but he still loves you, and that's far from the worst case scenario.

    And i loves u too.

  6. Dan... I dont know what to say...

    But I am proud of you for having the courage to tell him...

    Was this recently? or a while ago?

    I just wanna give you a big hug... (and grab your butt... but can you blame me? lol)

    At least he didnt react badly and push you away...

    I love you buddy... and am here for you if you wanna talk...

    Love you to pieces...


  7. I didn't know that... So you told him? Well, at least you know what he thinks about you. I would die if i would try something like this with D. Well, he would kill me first and then he would make fun of me :)

  8. That made me feel so sad. It seems unfair that we queers hafta navigate the "is he or isn't he queer like me" seas. But it just is that way.

    At uni you can be you, start out being out if you want to and you will see it is totally different. If you are at almost any large uni or college gay is not so big a deal. There are lists of best unis to go to for queers.

    And, not to build up false hopes, there is always the chance that he is gay or bi or confused or just starting to sort this all out. That happens quite a bit actually. Give him space.

    So if you are now out to him, and he sed he still loves you let some time pass and look for a chance to talk about your friendship. Let him have a chance to ask questions. I suggest honesty but don't be too detailed. Like, "Yeah I am very attracted to you, but I can handle it. The most important thing is our close friendship."

    If you want to we can IM or email. These are just some impressions and insights I am sharing with you. If they ring true, fine. If not, that's fine too. You know you best and the answers are inside you. What I or others here can do is point things out, make observations, offer consolation and support, etc. Sometimes when you are in such a deep sad place, you might miss some things that can help.

    And how ironic, I can think of three Aaron crush story lines active right now.


    So you are NOT alone here.


    steevo in cali

  9. Steevo, I'm not sure if it was the navigating the whole "is he gay or not?" thing so much as the "does he like me back the same way?". I can see how they are similar, but they break away when it changes from simply wanting to know if hes straight or gay, to wanting to know if he actually likes him back or not.

    Dan - the same thing (or similar at least, little less well received) happened to me last year :/

    MSN me and we can talk about it if u wanna. if not, I totally understand - its a hard subject.

    Major props though on having the guts to tell him. Its like the biggest, most nerve-wracking moment ever.

    I love you man, i miss u and I want the best for u. you are awesome :)