Sunday, April 26, 2009

long day

Sorry.  I really am.  No History of Aaron like i promised.  I was just to busy today.  it was such a long day.  I actually had homework.  I never get homework :/

Plus, I really dont like writing the whole History of Aaron things.  I dont like remembering a lot of the stuff.  it kind of puts me in this depressed mood for a while and i just want to sleep.  Kinda weird.  whatevs.

So on that note, I did go to Aarons house earlier.  We got food, watched tv, and just had fun.  He was sitting and i was laying and my head was in his lap.  It was great.  God i hate how i love him soooooooo much.  ugh.  But its great.  damnit.  

So i will really try to get a new History of Aaron up soon.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I need to sleep.  off to dream land.  


  1. Dan

    Home work is good for you :P hey if it hurts you dan you do nt need toshare teh stories with us. Everyone knows what it is like to be in love and not be able to do someting about it but it sounds like you and Aaron are very comfortable with each other and that must make you happy

    sleep well take care and be safe


  2. If it depresses you, don't write about it. Your blog should be something you enjoy doing. Like any form of art (writing is an art), your primary audience should be yourself. If you like what you are doing, others probably will, too. If others don't, so what?

  3. I agree with Mr. HCI! And, what Bob says about you and Aaron being comfortable with each other is a really good point too. I still haven't had a chance to read your previous posts yet, but I will.

    Take care,

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when i was writing about D. but at least he's history now... :)

  5. I was motivated to say something but all has been said. Don't write about depressing stuff. It will kill your interest in writing.

  6. Psh Homework.

    I know you and I are different persons, but I find it quite therapeutic to go back and remember unpleasant things.

    Wait that's a lie. I still love you anyway.