Friday, April 17, 2009


Had a bit of a party last night.  When the parents are away, this boy likes to play!  haha that sounds weird.  So some friends came over and we didnt get to sleep till around 730 in the morning.  So im a bit tired right now.  

So one of my friends who came over, Tim, is awesome.  And i think I might be developing a bit of a crush O_o  

So theres Aaron and now Tim.  Not new for me to be falling for more than one boy.  There was a time when i was crushing on 5 boys at the same time.  haha.  yea, im a whore =)

Also, I heard something about the new york governor doing something for gay marriage.  Im really not big on gay shit.  Like at all.  I feel bad for saying it but, I really dont care that much, and I really should.  I think i dont really classify myself as gay.  I just fuck boys.  Which is gay. But i dont consider myself gay.  haha wtf.  I really have no idea why im like that.  But hey, America is maturing.  And maybe in the future, when i figure out why i am the way i am, ill be able to get legally married anywhere in the U.S. to some boy im madly in love with, like Aaron (or mirrorboy).  haha only in my dreams.  Maybe..............

So yup, thats it for today.  Im gonna go nap.  alone.  and naked.  ;)


  1. dan

    good post today, Tim sounds nice but finish the history of Aaron first :P New york gov introduced a bill to allow gay marriage in New York. The reason this is differant is that every other state couples sued the state to change. If goveners and legislators followed new york's example then it would be easier to have gay marriage in every state.

    I have never been thrilled with being gsy either but that is what i am and naked is the only way to sleep

    take care and be safe


    ps did you check your spam for email(s)?

  2. We are what we are. Guys who fuck guys, or who would if they could. The rest of the world labels that as "gay". It's up to you how much of that identity you take on.

  3. Haha wow. Naked? Pics? Yummy :D

    Just be who you wanna be and people will love you for it and you will be happy. That's it. :)

    love you gay boy :P

  4. Hi Dan,
    Just found your blog and I'd like to follow! Sorry, I don't have one though. I guess I'm bi with a big preference for guys. The first guy I had sex with was very kind and taught me everything I wanted to know. He also said don't get too caught up what people call themselves, st8,gay, bi or other. If you like them and you both want to have sex the same way, enjoy the time!

  5. Lol, crushing 5 guys at once is what we kind of have to do when their all str8... Dun it suck :)

    I also think the whole gay marriage thingos are a bit gay. Hope you understood that :P

    Awell, dont hurt me for my comment's purposelessness...