Monday, April 20, 2009


So as you can probably see, I changed some shit around.  I was gonna have it all red but it hurt my eyes.  So i just have a dash of red.  Let me know what ya think =)

So yeah went on a little dinner date with Aaron last night.  We got some food then came back to my house where we watched some tv.  it was nice.  And i realized that no matter how much he pisses me off or annoys me, and no matter how much I just want to punch him in the face and yell at him for being an ass, I will always love him.   I will love him no matter what.  And that scares me.  Im afraid that when we part ways for college, or just life in general, that im gonna die inside. So yeah, something i get to look forward to.......ugh......

Anyway, Ill post another Aaron history thing soon.  They're kinda hard to write.  Not sure why........


  1. Dan

    blog looks fine and yea that is going to be a problem and you will probably have ait again in life as long as you stay in the closet its definitely a trade off

    when the time is right and you feel comfortable and no rush but when you are able to come out then you willbe able to find someon who deserves someone as cute as mboy says you are :P

    take care and be safe


  2. I like the minimalist look. Haha and I just noticed that your username or whatever it is says "Dan the Man," you stud ;) I surprised that you don't have a giant Bucs flag at the top of your page though.

    As for Aaron, well we've talked about him. I honestly had something good to say but I forgoted it... sorry...

  3. I've just read all of your post... Nice blog, I can see that I didn't make a mistake adding you to my RSS reader :)

    Keep blogging, I'm looking forward to hear all about your Aaron story, cause it's so similar to mine story with D, the guy I had crush on long ago :)

    And one more thing, how did you make this comment posting so nice, I mean you have this form and the buttons down there... How did you made it? I'd like to have it on my blog...

  4. I think this is now the best looking blog I've ever seen!!!

    When you leave high school it is easy to drift apart from the friends you've had. But it's not inevitable. You can stay in contact and keep the friendship alive as long as both of you want it.

  5. I like the look, its nice and clean.

    Don't get too upset about "events" in blog-land - our little community goes through ups and downs, drama and sadness, but thats what makes it such a strong community.