Friday, August 14, 2009


ok so the other night, went to a friends to watch a movie. there were 4 of us, tyler being one. so the movie ended at like midnight and we were all leaving and on the way to the cars i called over to tyler. i was like "hey tyler, can i talk to u for a sec" and he walked over and was like "yeah?" so im like "i was just wondering if u like, wanted to go get some dinner sometime or maybe go see a movie?" and he looked at me in a weird way and was like "like........on a date?" and im like "...yeah...." and he like, looks around for a second and then asks "are u busy right now?" I felt a smile creep on my face and i respond "not at all" so hes like "wanna get some food?" and of corse i said yes. so we get in my car and we go to taco bell. it was kinda like awkward, but once we got to taco bell and got food, we parked in some parking lot and it got pretty normal. we talked a lot. about life and gay stuff. haha. so weve been talking for an hour and im working up the courage to ask him to come over. (i know, im a whore) so im finally like "so u wanna come over?" and he smiles and say "id love to" so i smile and he starts like leaning in toward me, and im like hell yea, im getting a kiss. so i start to lean toward him and our lips touch, and fireworks. it had been so long since i have kissed someone. so we made out for a while, and then it starts to heat up, and we decide to go to my house. so we sneak in and go to my room, where the making out continues. were like feeling eachother up and stuff, and hw starts pulling my shorts down. im rock hard. and he starts sucking me off. o man, it felt amazing. it had been forever. so hes sucking me off and i want to dick too, so i like pull him in the middle of the bed and like move his dick over my face and get him naked, so we could 69. we did that for a while, and then he stops, gets up, goes over to his wallet, and takes out a condom. haha. he says "i want u to fuck me" so i obviously say yes, and he puts the condom on. it took a few mins to get it in his ass, but once it was in, it was party time. So he was riding me at first, and then i flip him on his back and put his legs on my shoulders. o man, it was amazing. after i blew my load, i pulled out and sucked him off. we cleaned up and cuddled together in bed before falling asleep. we slept in really late and then we got up and went to lunch at like 2. we talked about us and the night before and college. it was really nice. then i took him to his car and he went home. it was the best night ever.

and to think it all could have actually happened if tyler didnt have to work wednesday night. thats right, the little story above never happened. haha im sooo sorry but i had to. i have been fantasizing about me and tyler for a long time and i wanted to write it down. pretty good tho if i do say so myself. haha.

so tyler had work, but we are getting together sunday to watch a movie. thats when im gonna ask him out. sorry again.



  1. I was so excited reading that then you dropped the bomb at the end. Oh well just make sure it goes like that once you ask him out. Fingers crossed.


    Wow you got me too! I was gettin all hot 'n bothered reading this incredibly hot story...and then you just kill it :-)

    All this means is that the real story has to be so much more hot than this-- I mean you've got a real high bar set now!

    You are so awesome... I did remember thinking 'what about his parents' when you said you slept in.

    Hopefully it will go just as well Sunday!

    Love Much,

  3. you tease! :-/

    Still love you... and it was a hot story... I hope it comes true for you.


  4. Damn you! You had me going for that whole first paragraph lol.

    Well good luck asking him out :P

  5. I should have known and I was really on a roll too
    I was just hoping that it wasn't a one night stand

    Damn that was cruel thing to do

  6. Dan

    Man i sure hope it does it all sounded so nice

    hey and there is no reason it cant, take care and be safe


  7. haha love it.
    i like your imagination...let's hope you don't have to imagine for too much longer!


  8. dan you are a bad bad boy for deceiving me! >.< got me there and i re-read the last part cos i was kinda having the "HUH?" moment..