Saturday, August 22, 2009

quick update

so im in a hurry so i have to make this quick.

aaron left tuesday and i missed him, so i called him up. we ended up talking about tyler for a long time. it was kinda weird at first, cause i mean, talking to the boy i loved for 4 years about other guys just felt odd. but after a while it was easy. he said it was really stupid to start something with only 10 days left, and i agreed. then i talked to another friend about the whole thing and he said the same thing.

so i didnt ask him out. but, i am gonna talk to him. next time i get the chance, im gonna tell him im gay and that i would have liked to go out on a date, but time kinda fucked it up. that way, maybe next summer we can go out. idk.

ok thats it. later.


  1. sounds good IF U REALLY TALK TO HIM! xd

  2. Well like I said before it's your choice but don't forget to talk to the guy

  3. Good idea. As long as you actually talk to him, of course.


  4. Damn, I didn't think of that...

    Oh and sorry for not getting on yesterday, things got busy and thne you're there and things came up. Sorry :(

    Hopefully talk to you soon though.