Thursday, August 20, 2009

worth it?

so i just got back from up north. i had a really fun time. we did a bunch of shit. but while i was up there i did a lot of thinking about tyler. and i kept coming to the same question. is it worth it? is it worth asking him out even tho i have 11 days left in town? is 11 days enough to start a relationship?

so i begging you all. PLEASE give your most honest opinion. Im really into this boy, and i dont want to like fuck it up or whatevs. so please, let me know.


  1. Dude, just ask him to a movie. Now. If it's a later showtime, go for food at a foodcourt or some other casual place. Don't obsess with "what ifs." Just relax and be you.

  2. So sounds like you really REALLY like Tyler but scared about fucking things up with asking him out
    Calm down (yeah I know easier said then done)
    One thing you do NOT do is act like someone else

    And I agree what was said by Charley

  3. Let me tell you something, I may not know much about relationships, but I can tell you right now in the most straightforward way I know, if you let this chance go you'll be sorry in 11 days, and you might not be sorry for a day, or a week, but you'll wonder what might have happened between you two, and that I know it for a fact. What you haven't considered yet is that maybe he's too worried to ask you out just like you and you're both going to let this chance pass just because you're too scared. Man up! it takes a real man to date another man, =)

    You can do it (but only if you ask him out first, lol).

  4. dan!

    saying: "hey lets go to a movie tonight. have u seen XYZ?" maybe burgers b4 or after depending when it is showing?"

    That is NOT asking him 2 top u or asking if he is a bottom FFS! NOT about relationship which takes longer than 11 days anyway!

    does he know u r gay? I forget. Even if he does not know, gay guys do go to movies w/ str8 guys. No rule against!!!


    just do it



    U r really obsessing about this. It is prolly just newbie-itis.

  5. Dan don't worry about it, you can date a few times without a relationship (you're not gonna get one in 11 days). Have fun with him, and keep in touch so you have a new friend at the very least.

    Don't be like me and over think things. You know what i've missed by doing that, so be better and just go for it.

  6. you have absolutely NOTHING to lose - so just ask him - you have no idea what could (or could not) happen in 11 days - so you'd better answer that question before you lose the chance

  7. do it man,
    you'll definitely regret it if you don't....and what harm could it do?
    goodluck, DO IT NOW! haha


  8. It used to be 20 days.. now it's 11. Don't let it get to 10. What are you waiting for?

  9. Dan

    just ask him to goout like you would a straight friend and take it from there. Just being with hi mdoing nothing special will eb a great time so yea give it a shot

    take care and eb safe


  10. I agree with the rest. You have nothing to lose. If it works out and is a fun 11 days, then you have a nice friend to keep in touch with and maybe get to have some fun along the way. If it turns out poorly then you didn't have much invested, so meh... but if you don't do anything, then you KNOW that you will never know what could've happened.

    Go for it!