Saturday, August 29, 2009

well, sure

well the movie was fantastic. its even better the third time. but no tyler. he couldnt go for some stupid reason. had to re-organize his room or somethin. idk.

So yesterday i went college shopping with my 3 friends who are all going to the same college as me. ones actually my room mate. i didnt buy anything, but i had a lot of fun. then latter last night i hooked up with a really old friend and we went to some kids house and 4 of us played beer pong. i was killing it. it was just amazing how well i was playing. And after a while, people started taking their clothes off and i saw some nice bodies. =) woke up at like 9, an hour before everyone, and just daydreamed. had a good little thought about making out with aaron when he was drunk that one night. had a good one with tyler where i show up where he works and hes behind the counter and i say "hey babe" and lean over the counter and we kiss. i like that one a lot cause its like were boyfriends hehe =)

so im not sure about my current mood and why im so happy. its nice tho. think i might see if tyler wants to go out to dinner or somethin. we'll see.

and before i go, i just wanted to send a special thanks to Planetx_123, or steve, at Lions, Tigers, and Science... oh my! he always gives really great advise and his comments are always very well written and just really good. so thanks steve!


  1. WOW! You just made my day, Dan! *blush*

    I have also shared the 'hey, babe', casual day dream of having a boyfriend... one day, I suppose :-)

    Much Love,

  2. Dan

    I hope yo get that date with tyler

    take care and be safe


  3. OMG! I just realized! I completely missed our 4 year anniversary! AHH I'm so sorry!!

    Happy 4 years though!

    We need to talk soon.