Saturday, August 15, 2009


so went to a baseball game tonight with some friends. had a fun time. its really kinda amazing that none of them care that im gay. like, wtf. ahah. there was this really cute guy there too. he was like 17, and just amazingly cute. but i did realize something. im really just done with all my friends. like, im so ready for college. im just sick off all the same jokes and all the same stories. its kinda hard to explain. i just want to start over. i want a boyfriend too. really bad. and who knows, maybe ill get one.
so aaron leaves on tuesday, and i leave for a friends lake house on monday, so ill have to say my goodbyes on sunday. im gonna write him a card and give him a kiss on the cheek. im gonna really miss him. weve grown as friends since i was honest with him.

well this was a nice short post. think im going to some party tonight. dont worry tho, im gonna pass on the beer. im getting sick of it.


  1. Almost everyone in your shoes feels more or less the same way. Uni is so exciting and these old pals r yesterday's news. But remember some of them will stay close or become close later. They really arent dummies, u r just ready to move on. Same jokes and same stories is what helps a group be a group. Go easy I suggest. Dan and I have some very close pals from HS, not as many as Uni, but dont slam any doors shut. But your attitude is soooo normal. Relax.

    enjoy... maybe aaron will let u do more than kiss him? LOL... u can dream...

    steevo in cali

  2. Dan

    Your friends from high school will alwys be that but yo usound ready to move on and up. I hope you find all those things and have a good night tonight

    take care and be safe


  3. You sound sooooo ready for college - I can't wait to read the first few posts after you get there and the world opens up in front of you!