Tuesday, August 4, 2009

problems with operation fuck tyler

so i was thinking about it last night, this whole tyler thing. And well, i really barely know him. How can I go from barely knowing him to fucking his brains out? i mean yea theres a one night stand or a fuck buddy, but i really dont think he would be into that. and i dont think i would either. i want to get to know somebody before i become intimate. So please people, i need advice. im stuck here, and if anyone has anything that could help, i would be grateful.

this whole tyler thing is amazing tho. like, i havent had a crush on a boy in a loooooong time. i really wouldnt call my thing with aaron a crush. i didnt have a crush on him, i was in love with him. and the last 4 years ive been in love with him, and now, finally, i can finally think about another boy for a while. its really nice. this tyler thing is really just.....fantastic. i cant stop thinking about him. i just cant say it enough. like, its soooooooo good to not think about aaron. god its nuts. fuck.

i have a crush. on a boy named tyler.


god im sooooo happy right now.


  1. OMG I'm sooo happy for you too!

    And thank god you realized that Tyler is a person too and not just some fucktoy.

    Ask him out, that's my advice. Get to know him, maybe go on a few dates or whatever, and then see where it goes. That's the way things should normally work.

    Yay again for happiness!!

  2. Well first, I'm very happy for you. And second, goodness boy, ask him out on a date!!!

  3. Ditto to above: ask him out!

    Now, you don't have to call it a date to him. Maybe suggest a movie you want to see. In the dark, which would hopefully be less nerve wracking, you can try subtle things. Put your leg against his and see how he responds. If that goes well, maybe rest your hand on his knee. If he doesn't pull away, and you get up your nerve, put your hand in his hand. OK, maybe pick a movie you only kinda want to see.


    Another suggestion, see if he wants to get a bite to eat somewhere low key, like the food court at the mall or something. When you're seated and chatting/eating, tentatively play footie with him.

    [We were at a food court several years ago and saw the cutest thing. Two teenage boys were on a date, but only one of them knew it. He was obviously smitten with the other boy. Hopefully, for his sake, things went well.]

    Or you can grab the bull by the horns and tell him, "I've only told one other person but I'm gay, too. And I think you're super cute. Would you like to go out, possibly?"

  4. lol at the above ones haha

    I'm glad too that you are treating him like a person and not a piece of meat...too many guys do that with girls as it is.

    I say ask him out! I like Mr. HCI's ideas :)

  5. Dan

    hope it really works out

    take care and be safe


  6. Well can you ask him out? I mean you aren't out, and do you have concerns that going out on a proper date would work? My advice is just to hang out with him, be a little flirty so he isn't sure what you're doing-- but gets interested. And then come out to him. The could be like the intro to a porno right there...

    Or go for the other end of porno spectrum and just show up in a pink thong with a tub of milk asking if someone ordered some cream :-)

    Seriously though:
    - what do you really want out of the relationship? I mean short term, long term?
    - do you know him well? What are the best things about him and the worst things about him?
    - have you had sex before with guys? I mean are you already really comfortable with it or is all of the 'first time jitters' going to play a part here as well? I would think if so, then you are probably right-- you don't just want a one time 'fuck his brains out' kind of experience. Maybe just be friends with benefits...

    None the less I want details whenever whatever happens. I am ok reliving my high school time (hey it wasnt that long ago...) vicariously through a stranger :-)

    Much Love,

  7. ask him out first, you slut.
    do it.