Wednesday, August 5, 2009

its never good when..... cant stop thinking about someone. im seriously crushing hard on tyler. it worries me a bit. He was in my dream last night. he was naked. thats all i remember. =)

and the weird thing about this whole 'me trying to fuck tyler' situation is that i barely fucking know him. i know his name and that hes gay, but thats it. how is it possible to have a crush on someone from only being around them during 2 different occasions. i mean fuck! i havent really even had a conversation with him. fuck. i just think it would be weird for me to all of a sudden ask him out. plus, the first date would be totally awkward. AND, were leaving for school in less than a month, and if i start something, i dont want it to only last 20 days.

idk. i just dont fucking know about it. why is this shit so hard.


  1. You remind me of how I was when I first came out. I was SO excited to finally be "out", that I "fell in love" at the drop of a hat. The first guy I dated, I thought I had a total crush on him. But, I really didn't. I had a crush on my own internal fantasy of what I wished he would turn out to be.

    As for this whole issue of "leaving school...don't wanna start something...," well, I call bullshit. :) That sounds like just the kind of excuse I'd make to keep me from growing a ball and ask someone out. It doesn't matter if it only lasts a month or even just one day. It's just a date. It's spending time with someone. That's it. Enjoy it. Don't insist that he, or the situation, be anything other than what it is.

  2. *big hugs*

    Do what you think is right

  3. yea I have mixed opinions on the only 20 days left.. if you think it would be something fun that you could just walk away from...then go for it. But if 20 days go by and your still crushing and cant stop thinking about him, then maybe it wouldnt be a good thing. You will have plenty of hot guys in college :-)


  4. Dan

    it is incredibly hard to be and when it si the right time. hey you do have have time to get to know him a bit

    good luck take care and be safe