Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the whole story

ok so im out. dont feel much different. idk its weird. like, i told them, but know what seems to give a shit. they treat me the exact same way. We all fucking went downtown yesterday like nothing. idk.

So we were all at my house for like this last party before everyone goes off to college. We played a shit load of beer pong and aaron got wasted. haha i snuck in a nice kiss on his cheek and he thanked me. we were all pretty buzzed. aaron wanted to talk to me so we went into my room and he asked if i was going to tell everyone. i was like idk. then he said that he thought my two other friends jon and richard already thought i was. i was kinda freaked out. and i told him i was going to. so we all decided to get in a big circle and like reflect on our friendships and all some shit, and we all agreed to be completely honest. so we were talking and they asked me who i had had a crush on, and i was like "since were being honest, i might as well tell you all that im gay" and they were like " who did u like?" and i was surprised cause i thought they would be more shocked. so i was like "...uh....aaron". they said "ok." then we moved on like nothing ever happened.

so the next day after they all left, i was like wtf. no one fucking cares. no one even brought it up again. then i started wondering if they all forgot about it. idk. its like wtf. and im scared to bring it up again. whatevs.

some of u asked if tyler was there, and i feel like i should remind all of you that i barely know tyler. all my friends barely know tyler. i just know him from another friend. so no, he doesnt know. but i am seeing him tonight, and i think im just gonna go for it and ask him out. maybe to dinner or a movie, or both. idk. this is new for me.

and im tired of seeing all this obama bashing by some people *cough AJ cough* i mean im not a democrat or a republican, but i think hes doing the best he can. considering all the shit he inherited. Im not into politics at all, but i do think we need to ease up off obamas back. hes our president ffs. he has a hard ass job. i just dont think its fair for us to be saying shit about him when hes working hard for our country, whether what hes doing is bad or good.

idk just wanted to get that out. aj, please dont get mad. i love u no matter what u say.



  1. Well done, Dan - and good luck with Tyler tonight!



  2. glad it went well! and no, they haven't forgotten. :) So yah, good luck with Tyler.

  3. Good Luck!

    I sort of agree, I haven't done any Obama bashing myself, and don't have any plans to in the future, unless he does something really, really stupid. *shrugs*

  4. "Their are two things you don't talk about with another person politics and religion"

    Let's not start the religion topic please b/c that can be just as bad if not worse (I think most of the time it is worse)

    Well you came out and that's a start just see how things go

  5. wow, good on you man. Sounds like you have really good friends too!
    Goodluck with Tyler, I'm excited for ya!


  6. Good going! And yea there's no way they have forgotten :-)

    It's all a bit awkward, and it kind of sucks that you didn't get the drama that is sometimes associated with coming out to your friends. That's probably a good thing though, right?

    Im actually more surprised you said 'Aaron' to the second question. I mean is that not awkward?

    Good luck with Tyler or whatever-- you must share the details >:-)

    Much Love,

  7. Please tell me that you're not complaining about your friends not caring.

    You should be fucking happy.

  8. I'm not bashing :-P

    And I know he is trying and I hope he helps the country... I just dont agree with everything he does and some of it well... whatever... you get what I am saying...

    Love you too and I am very very very proud of you.


  9. Dude, Mirrorboy's right. Be happy your friends don't care that you're gay. When they do care, usually it's really not fun.

    Good luck with Tyler.