Thursday, August 6, 2009


wonderful. thats how i feel. well id like a better word to describe how i feel, but i cant think of one. maybe its because its 2 in the morning.

So i got home from a friends house at midnight and it was a really nice night. So i figured id go out on a nice bike ride. So i got on my bike and started biking. It was so calm and nice. I just sorted out the shit in my head. I thought about next year and college and shit. I thought about the shit i needed and if i was prepared. And of corse, I thought about tyler.......a lot. Before i left on my bike ride i read some of the comments on my last post. So on my ride, i sorted through those.
Yes, im out. But to only 1 person(and his dad). Its not the same as being out to everyone. So im not "falling in love at the drop of a hat" with tyler. im not falling in love with him at all. I just have a legit crush.

I'm suppose to hang out with him tonight and I'm really gonna try to at least get his phone number. I really do want to see how far we can take things. I really like him.

I have this feeling deep down that I haven't felt in 4 years. I feel free.


  1. I dont know why I feel compelled to comment on your blog.. being a total stranger & all.. hell, I don't even remember how I found your blog.. or why I keep coming back. This is going to make me sound like a cliche 'elder' or whatever, but I think it's because you remind me of me "when I was your age" (god I didn't think I would ever say that)..
    Anyway, I think the opportunity you have with Tyler right now is awesome and you should DEFINITELY pursue it.. at least a little bit. Getting to know him and at least having a new [gay] friend would be totally awesome.. and if you guys feel it and things go further, then what the hell.. there's nothing wrong with a little summer fun. It's true that there can be lots of emotional shit that comes along with sex, but just because you get naked with someone doesn't mean you are 'obligated' or whatever.. and if you walk away from a good thing it doesn't make you a bad person; it makes you both victims of shitty circumstance... but no one will be able to say "I should've.." or "what if..". Give it the 'ol college try man; what's the worst that could happen? ...

  2. Great to see you you in such a good mood! Even if nothing comes of it, just interacting with another actual homosexual will be good for you.

  3. i hope everything went well and you got his number, called him and set a date to go to the movies or something.... wishing you the best

  4. Dan

    I hope by now yo uhave his number and have started to make a friend

    take care and be safe