Monday, August 17, 2009


ok so heres what happened. i was gonna hang out with my two friends and tyler again to watch a movie. but when i got there, there were more people. there was like 7 of us. so it was more tylers friends than mine, and he wasnt the same. he was just being kind of a douche. and it really made me upset. but everytime i would look over at him, would just be like, who cares? idk it was weird. so we hung out for a long time and we all ended up outside sitting in a circle and like talking. at one point, tyler brought up the show queer as folk, and i was like, ive seen that. and we talked about it for a while. he said he thought charlie hunnam was cute and i kinda just nodded when i should have said yes he is. so then everyone decided to go and i said my goodbyes and tyler was looking at me like he was expecting me to say something or like he was gonna say somethin to me. but nothin happened. i went home and the minute i got there i started to regret not asking him out. fuck.

i really like him, even if he can be a douche. and really, who isnt a douche when their with friends.

im gonna ask him out. I SWEAR!!!! i might call him while im up here. but before i do it, i wanna figure out exactly what im gonna say, so would anyone like to help with that? im gonna write something and u folks can help me fine tune it. if anyone is interested, let me know.

ok im off. later


  1. Dan

    you tease you and sorry to hear about Tyler but im sure someone as cute as you willhave no porblems finding a boy

    take care and be safe


  2. Hmm can't be good

    Ok then have fun see ya

  3. Ok hmm
    I'm thinking it's like you said he was hanging out with his friend and acted like that b/c he was around them

    I'll be interested in seeing what you wrote to Tyler and I'm sure everyone else will be too

  4. "hello there, remember me? How could you forget? I know, sorry about the lampshade... Look there was something I wanted to talk to you about. Umm I'm really stupid for not doing this before but you know I haven't had much experience, but would you like to go out sometime, like on a date? Yes I am gay... sooo... wanna go out sometime?"

    Something like that help?

  5. i actually like that a lot. matt, we need to talk soon.

  6. Charlie hunnam is cute and double props for him talking about the original queer as folk. I love that show as well- it came out when I was just entering high school and I had to sneak around to record it on vhs tapes.

    I like Rhythms suggestion fine. Does he know that you like him and want to ask him out? I mean did you mention it to any of your friends when you came out or anything?

    But yea I don't think it needs to be over dramatic-- its fine to say your nervous or inexperienced (its kind of cute). And yea I think everyone is a douche with their friends. This is probably just a sign that hes a normal person.