Sunday, August 2, 2009

so theres this boy....

his name is tyler. and um....i like him. i like him a lot. =)

ok first some info. my friend eric is friends with tyler. and tyler is gay and out and no one cares. so i rarely ever see tyler, cause hes not really my friend. But occasionally when im at erics, tyler will be there. and then we share some small talk. and after some time, ive kinda developed a crush on him.

So yesterday, i was at erics with two other firends and we decided to go downtown, and tyler was gonna meet us there. so we went and met tyler. after a while of walking around, we got bored and we decided to go back to his house, where i had never been. So we got there and met his parents and the 5 of us sat by his fire pit and just talked. it was fantastic. theres something about having a gay and out boy sitting right there with you and no one caring. like he would occasionally say shit like hes cute and stuff like that, and i really just wanted to say omg he is soooo cute. but of corse i didnt. so i did try to like throw some hints his way, cause being gay, hes gotta have a good gaydar right?

haha anyway, i think i might be hanging out with them again tonight so figures crossed. who knows, maybe ill tell him my little secret. ;)


  1. you gotta go for it buddy!

    Best of luck... I will be rooting for you...


  2. It's a fact that all Tylers are gay. :P

    Go for it Cutie. Do something about it. Think about how gorgeous you are. You've got every chance in the world with him if you want it. I bet he's drooling over you secretly. Like i do, just not secretly. :D

    much love

  3. Dan

    i hope it works out and i go tto agree with mboy on this one everytyler i met here is gay lol

    but yea its nice to be around gay people

    take care and be safe


  4. hehe - yea seriously - this one is in the bag.

    Good Luck!! I can't wait for the details >:-)